Telopea Public School

Success Through Endeavour

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About our school

Telopea Public School is a school located in the Dundas Valley near Parramatta City in the Greater Sydney Area. Telopea is the botanical name for the Waratah, the state flower of New South Wales and is represented on our school logo. Students enrolled at Telopea Public School are from diverse backgrounds, currently 70% of students enrolled at the school are from non English speaking backgrounds. Telopea Public School prides itself and its students for caring and cooperative behaviour characterised by the inclusion and support offered to newly arrived students in the school.

Telopea is a growing school with additional classes opening and being prepared for future expansion. The school has been subject to a systematic renovation process over a period of time to ensure the school offers modern facilities within a traditional school environment. All classrooms are equipped with a computer lab, wireless access, sound field systems and touchscreens. A point of difference that Telopea offers over other schools in the area is our award winning Edible Garden and Orchard and large playground area with modern playground equipment.

Staff at Telopea Public School work as a team to ensure that all students have access to programs and support ensuring that students perform well. The school runs additional support programs in literacy, mathematics and language to assist students and undertake ongoing professional learning to build their own capacity to support students. The school staff and community also offer a range of cultural, sporting and social programs designed to provide a balanced education to all our students, with the aim of not onlu ensuring academic success but also to build knowledge and experience for all students.

Telopea Public School hosts the School as a Community Centre (SaCC) for the Dundas area. This program provides support and training programs fr parents of children aged between 0 and 8 years and operates fives days per week. Through the SaCC a breakfast program is run twice per week. A bus service is available for students to attend Before and After School Care at a nearby school.

For further information please contact our school on 02 9638 1296.